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Welcome to Indonesian Batik Fabrics | Best Of Batik

Indonesian batik fabrics and textiles with traditional and modern designs and patterns. Our batik fabrics are produced from the Indonesian batik centers in Java and Madura.


Our company was founded in 2002 located in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. We sell handmade batik cloth of high quality from Surakarta, Yogyakarta and the north coast of Java island including the island of Madura. Batik fabrics that we sell on this website are direct products we got from batik makers in these places. We know intimately and have a good relationship with our batik craftsmen so that this situation helps us to become very familiar with the quality of our products that we offer through website.

Handmade batik is a craft that has high artistic value and has become part of Indonesian culture (especially Java) since long time ago. We carry a large selection of  high-quality, genuine, handmade Indonesian batik fabrics and textiles in variety of patterns and motifs from various production centers through out Java and Madura island.

WE ONLY SELL HANDMADE BATIK FABRICS. There are no "batik cap" or hand block stamped printed batik and machine printed products available in our website. It means that all our products are hand-drawn by our experienced artisans by using a traditional drawing tool called a canting. That is why handmade batiks are more artistic and elaborate in its production which make its price are higher than "batik cap" and machine printed batik fabrics.

Indonesian batik has been designated as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since October 2, 2009.

Our goal is to preserve handmade batik fabrics industry which is the economic backbone of rural communities of those batik centers and to introduce high-quality handmade batik cloth to the world abroad. Our success in achieving this goal will help hundreds of batik artisans who live in rural areas earn sufficient income from making batik for the welfare of their family life.

Our mission in achieving this goal is to make this online store as a place that will facilitate our customer getting high-quality handmade batik fabrics direct from Indonesia.
Have a nice shopping experience with us!